Saturday, June 12, 2010

I'm back....

.. I'm back.. :)  Where have I been.. well busy.. I have been setting up my etsy shop and I have been making lots of  fantastic friends on Facebook..  I have joined wwes, world wide etsy sellers on twitter... oyoy.. and my latest endeavorer.. I have joined It's Better Handmade on Facebook.. an awseome group that' promotes each other, and shares the items posted. Here is the link.. You all have to forgive me, since I'm not so good yet with doing a blog and posting and listing stuff here.. but I will get better as I go.  

Ok..  let's talk about It's Better Handmade.. I have joined up not to long ago.. and I must say this.. I share links everyday.. If  I can.. I chat, and I make friends.. My traffic to my etsy store has more the doubled.. no kidding.. and I have at least two sales from Facebook alone... yay..last week.. Love you guys!!!! ( (waving franticly))
Oh.. Oh,  Oh.. and I'm being coronated today.. yes, fancy word.. I will become an official officer for It's Better Handmade.. I was asked to host two meets a week..  Green Wednesdays... and Shell Sundays I love it!!  I will be officer Ocean Runner.. I will post my pic when it's official :) .. and I will change my 'face' when I'm on duty :) to this cute seahorse.. let me see maybe I can find it.. hmmm.. there it is.. isn't it cute..
Little Seahorse awww.

Talking about studio.. oops I have to get my Artfire studio back into shape.. I will do that very soon , and then there is another place I can haunt.. yay!!!.

Since I have started selling on line I have made such fantastic friends.. I have joined Eni Oken's , There is just so much inspiration to be found there. What I like is I can post a project, and I will get an honest opinion from someone as to if there are changes to be made and so on. I'm also working on my first tutorial .. the Donut.. never done one before tutorial that is.. so that's going to be fun... Also great folks.. there that I now get to meet again on Facebook.. it goes round .. and round.. and.. I will be back soon I promise and maybe I'll even get to talk about someone else but me..Talk to you soon...( (waving bye))

Saturday, January 16, 2010

As time flies

I know.. I shoot me.. I have been busy over the holidays.. I have found another home for my pretties too.. hehehe..
I have decided, that I have been spreading myself to thin.. and that I had to try another venue,
so now I'm on Etsy as well as Bonanzle.
On Etsy I have some more elaborate pieces, made out of sterling. and also some stuff out of copper.. heck you just have to come and look at it it's quite different then what you'll find on Bonanzle, I promise you that. I'm having lots of fun creating. I started to use more copper for my jewelry. I like the earth look, and when you oxidize with liver or sulfur and polished it.. wow I just love the results. It works as well on copper as it does on sterling silver... See here I keep blabbing.. and I have three pieces to finish up, here is one of my new ones. And I'll also post my new shop link

stop by sometimes, I'm posting new items every day and a heart is always appreciated :)