Saturday, January 16, 2010

As time flies

I know.. I shoot me.. I have been busy over the holidays.. I have found another home for my pretties too.. hehehe..
I have decided, that I have been spreading myself to thin.. and that I had to try another venue,
so now I'm on Etsy as well as Bonanzle.
On Etsy I have some more elaborate pieces, made out of sterling. and also some stuff out of copper.. heck you just have to come and look at it it's quite different then what you'll find on Bonanzle, I promise you that. I'm having lots of fun creating. I started to use more copper for my jewelry. I like the earth look, and when you oxidize with liver or sulfur and polished it.. wow I just love the results. It works as well on copper as it does on sterling silver... See here I keep blabbing.. and I have three pieces to finish up, here is one of my new ones. And I'll also post my new shop link

stop by sometimes, I'm posting new items every day and a heart is always appreciated :)


Maggie said...

What a remarkable piece Edi! I love the color. :)

Edi'sTreasures said...

ohh how sweet thank you :)